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Muscular Strength - the amount of force a muscle can exert in a single contraction.

improving muscular strength

    Muscular strength is much different from muscular endurance. Strength is a measure of how much force your muscles can exert, while endurance is the measure of how many times your muscles can repeat a specific exertion of force. Unlike muscular endurance which is controlled by slow twitch fibers, strength is determined by fast twitch fibers which focus more on quick bursts of energy rather than long, drawn out ones.
    It is a much different procedure when it comes to improving strength. The most widely used method is lifting a weight that is 70% of your maximum 10-12 times. You repeat this three times with 1-5 minute breaks in between sets. Another thing to remember is that you should never repeat strength training on a specific muscle more than once every 48 hours. If you do, you can cause numerous injuries and basically wear the muscle out so you recieve no improvement at all.
    The following strength training program is based on the 3 sets of 10 reps system, and all workouts contained are supposed to be done that number of times.

Suggested Beginner's Strength Training Program




1(Chest,triceps, shoulders)
Bench Press
Dumbell Fly
Shoulder Press


Tricep Extensions

Cable Row
Lat Pulldown
Shoulder Shrugs

Dumbell Curls

Varied Ab Exercises

Leg Press
Calve Press

Hamstring Extensions

Quad Extensions

This three day cycle should be carried out through a one week period of time.

Benefits of Muscle Strength and Endurance Exercises

Muscle strength and endurance training is important to all athletes. A well designed strength and endurance program improves your overall performance. Increasing strength and endurance is achieved with the use of free weights and circuit training routines. You can adjust the routines to fit your specific needs. You will notice the results of a well planned workout routine after a few weeks. Your improved performance on the field or track is your reward for hard work and commitment.

Strength and Endurance Workouts

Muscle strength and endurance is required in every physically demanding sport. Whether you’re playing sports that require explosive bursts of strength or activities that require endurance, strength exercise routines will improve performance. An analysis of sports or events confirms most athletes require explosive power, endurance, maximal strength or a combination of all to excel. With a well planned strength and endurance program you’re able to design a sport specific routine addressing the different requirements for your sport.

Weight Training for Strength

Weight training is the fastest way to build strength. Weight training increases the explosive power athletes need for the power sports. Strength training not only increases power but it also aids with endurance. For an increase in endurance a circuit training program is utilized. Circuit training improves overall physical fitness instead of improving sport specific abilities. When training for your sport do not depend entirely on circuit training. However, sport specific circuits are easily implemented into your sessions.

Muscle Fibers

Muscles have two types of fibers, fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch provide the explosive bursts of energy required in weight lifting and sprinting. Slow twitch fibers are for longer endurance type activities. Building fast twitch fibers requires aerobic type activity such as sprinting. Slow twitch fibers depend on anaerobic exercise to gain strength. Endurance type activities such as circuit training and long distance running build slow twitch fibers.

Benefits of Strength and Endurance Training

With strength and endurance training athletic performance will increase. Other benefits of training include improved self image, increase in bone density, more stamina, and decrease in the effects of aging. Your overall quality of life will improve as will your attitude.The benefits of starting and sticking with a good strength training program is a lifelong improvement in health and performance.


Before beginning any exercise program, consult with your doctor. Start slow and work up to heavier and more strenuous workout as you adapt. Use a personal trainer to plan your workout routine to reduce the risk of over exertion or injury. Never use faulty equipment and keep your workout area clean and un-cluttered